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tv   News Weekly  RT  June 15, 2014 12:00am-12:14am EDT

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crying don't cry i know i'm tired of crying too don't cry than. i i western nations block a russian resolution in the u.n. security council to condemn the assault on its embassy in kiev. it's the last chance for ukraine to settle his gas agreement with russia ahead of gazprom accuses kiev of deliberately disrupting the talks. fate of a country at stake iraq's army is beaten back by really this al qaida splinter group it's spreading through the country with a pound to seize baghdad and create a new islamic caliphate and later when we look at the week's top stories rival camps step up their campaigns with scotland's independence referendum now less than
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one hundred days away r.t. is the hopes and fears on both sides. hello there the latest developments and a look back at the stories of the last seven days you are watching the weekly here on our take you now russia's resolution to condemn the attack on its embassy in the ukrainian capital has been blocked in the u.n. security council by western nations crowds vandalized the building throwing stones and molotov cocktails and drawing nazi symbols on the walls they accuse russia of supplying weapons to antigovernment protesters in the east artie's paul scott was at the scene of the right. what you can see behind me is just some of the damage that's been caused over the last few hours and what we're seeing outside the
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russian embassy looking for the police able to stop the concepts they are to me around one hundred four intestines were brought up they had been to russian black cars and they were shouting this to russian ninety two to the sergeant but the other speech on the number swelled pajamas pick up became a bit more sour when the masked men turned up the money something the thought police right sector had a black flags i think bottles of the right sector here are dark they started to help the russian embassy building with eggs and he was going to keep a single target as you know i truly smash now so that i did tell it it was such. that it the situation is getting more tense protesters have turned over embassy cars parked outside the perimeter is blocked with tires in the driveways a block to the protesters own cars they've torn down the russian flag from the pole the ukrainian police are supposed to guard the embassy they are preventing the harm
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being done to russian property here and that's a culture of return to one stage overseas and in the last spilled out people around a school that was going to be the protesters and demonstrators were going to set fire to the vehicles but in the end emergency services to help encourage the cost of a car so that some so that there was fire power things here at the moment a somewhat peaceful kind can claim what we see here in the last few hours of the things that the anti russian sentiment we think you have is now much more visible. well kiev authorities say they have arrested several people who provoked the unrest outside the russian embassy but investigative journalist danny schechter suspects some in kiev purposely trying to bait russia into a harsh response. there's an urgency to it now i think from a kook cranium point of your recent viewpoint of ukrainian government suddenly with the events in iraq american radio and shifting its attention away from ukraine to
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iraq that would result in a i think indeed on the part of some in the ukraine to try to get back into the media i by staging incidents that could lead to over response by russians which they could then use to justify calls for intervention or more support from the united states they could provoke a intensification or an escalation of the crisis there that gives them a pretext to refuse to pay for gas to refuse to accept compromises on the russian part hopefully to get the u.s. more involved in their situation i think actually the big game here that's being played we mom and instance advance the army has carried out an artillery attack hitting two hospitals one a maternity unit all the patients had been moved out of the buildings the day before a group of russian journalists were filming inside when the assault began his some of the video they sent.
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the journalists were interviewing hospital staff when the military and allegedly started firing they then rushed into the basement and waited there until it was safe. has endured days of artillery attacks earlier this week video emerged allegedly showing fire bombs being dropped on the city we spoke to a former british army and intelligence officer who recently returned from ukraine and he told us the attack bears the hallmarks of banned phosphorus weapons you see i've looked at it closely it does indeed. what one might say are the hallmarks of white phosphorous use for example a very bright light burning and multiple burns coming down from the sky it's an air conditioned use such as a mortar or perhaps from an aircraft and then of course again the telltale still burning the videos i've seen in the daytime showing actually this very territorial
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white or gray smoke so white phosphorus being used it's an alarming development of course it needn't necessarily be legal but it depends on the usage your concern and that's exactly why of course a lot of and indeed other people even from the west should be even if they haven't so far should be calling for a proper and full investigation of this incident to prevent escalating. in the neighboring the ganske region activists shot down a ukrainian military plane early on saturday morning killing all forty nine on board local self-defense units have become increasingly weaponized artie's poor asli has visited one of their training camps to find out more. we are what the anti government fighters were on the way to a training camp here in the city of no guns they're not telling us exactly where this camp is because of security reasons bettman how much time going to take us to get there. if. it's secret but we'll know when
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we get there bettman was a former officer with the ukrainian elite police before switching sides only a month ago he commanded a team of just twelve men today they numbered more than one hundred and are growing by the day all of them volunteers each with a code name to hide his identity how is the situation on the ground at the moment good which people are very scared the city is preparing for war we're evacuating women and children from the city bettman says that ukrainian military's tactic is to attack from behind so he's had these men spall out across the city were about to approach the cap and balance asked us to switch off the camera deep in the forests it's easy to see why they've set up base here everything is camouflaged making it difficult for the ukrainian army to find them. where now at the military training camp and we'll also to see them do training with knives this is training for close
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combat but a whole which ones comes with the marines not planning on close combat fighting the heat from the bombing with having artillery like in sloviansk in donetsk the guys here come from just about every background you have former students you have form of businessmen you have former drivers and you also have ex-military and police so you have people with a lot of military experience but you also have some for whom this is the first time that they're picking up a knife or a gun and so the sharing of skills and experience is vital and the guys have told me to put two of these in my ears because there's going to be a hell of a noise. be automatic weapon training is the most important bettman keeps trying to control over his command many still have families inside ukraine and when we constantly about them. it's not becoming a war it's already a war. most of the guys are citizens of lugansk city they're highly motivated
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they're between the ages of twenty and thirty five when i asked one of them whether there are enough people here to take on the ukrainian military his answer was there is another. but how many more need to die before the kiev government itself to clear is enough is enough for the c.r.t. outside to guns eastern ukraine. i'll try ukrainian authorities in the east have detained to cure this from a russian t.v. channel who were on route to an airport to return to russia what is the latest in a series of incidents by russian reporters have been apprehended r.t. dot com has got more details on. the clock is ticking for ukraine to decide what it's going to do a back to its gas deal with russia talks of regularly been scuppered a bikie halves insistence that it gets
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a massive discount on the market price for which the head of energy provider gazprom directly blames the interim prime minister will artie's media could channel has been looking into this more closely for us medina there is just one day to go is now for ukraine to pay up if that doesn't happen it could go in a pre-payment system potentially it could have its gas cut off but everybody involved dreads that don't know but but why exactly well they do and because in that particular situation although all those three sides they're involved only stand to lose now if we look at russia first russia is really missing out on billions for a unraveling you and we're talking about an enormous sum of money. and it's really that some of money that said the budget absolutely depends on war that is then that we're talking about the country's reputation reliable partner of an energy and that particular reputation is being stained and what about ukraine surely that stands to
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lose the most it's true and especially if we think about it speedball and than most certainly now what or what is happening now is that the dads grady just piling up in one way or another now these bills will have to be cleared out sooner or later and at the end it's going to be the public that will end up in taxes now what happened already as that russia has a lower price but the longer key of refuses the to compromise the higher eventually the bill will be this could also have a knock on effect for people in europe so you could meet some one of a so concerned well because it's arguably europe is most a tricycle now just have a look at this graphic for instance you can clearly see the graphics really shows how much russian gas makes up in total for the european nations and really just by looking at it you see how europe is on gas from supply now in fact for some of the
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european nations russia is the only source of energy now the rear you green that continues to refuse to negotiate and to compromise advance of the euro is going to be a place that will be cut off and that's going to be a disaster but not only for the industries also going to be a disaster for the altered in every people that just want to keep warm when winter comes i mean it sounds like a lose lose situation for everybody surely everybody understands that a great deal is that study. as usual when it happens for some for some. these involved it's just a last bad then for the others now we're talking about some parties they're really exploding this whole situation trying to twist it somehow to their own advantage now while the ukraine is refusing to pay for gas bills and the lousy criticizing
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russia at the same time the country has been quietly stockpiling entries serves and just recently the country's government announced they've gotten out to last until autumn even and that it's just without pain we've talked a lot about the negatives but are there any positives is there a silver lining for most going while if we speak about russia it's really hard to see how moscow can again play and twist this situation the situation around to its own advantage other than perhaps by boosting its case for alternative routes alternative pipelines that will eventually bypass ukraine and make sure that the russian gas reaches european customers on time but what we have now is that europe wants safe supply and ukraine's behavior just once again proved that it is not a reliable transit state as for europe i mean again it has its own supplies doesn't
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it so should it be concerned about true it does have its own reserves but it's really hard at the moment to ask him a how long these reserves will last for some of the nations again what's worse this week of the world bank asked to meet at that if you create is going to be cut off then eventually for some of the countries in the european union the price for gas will soar and in some places by up to fifty percent and we're talking about a non bearable situation a bit of a disaster for some of the industries as most economists in the european union as you know. it's still very fragile especially after the global financial crisis and we need to take into consideration that their own production is declining year after year so now we can clearly understand why you are up is so panicking over.


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